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Welcome to your Union’s democracy!

Hi, I’m Alice Game, your Democracy and Communications Officer.

Hallam Union is a democratic organisation and this section of the website will help you understand exactly what that means.

In a nutshell though, it means that students are at the heart of everything the Union does. We do this by giving students a chance to hold representative positions in the Union. Think of it like a general election when you vote for an MP to represent your local area in national government decisions. In a Union, you will vote for students who will represent you in Union decisions.

I think it’s really important to get involved in Union democracy as you really do get to influence how things are run. I myself put myself forward to become the Democracy and Communications Officer and was voted into position by Hallam students in March 2013. Now it’s my job to promote the importance of Union democracy for this academic year.

You can can find out about all of the elected positions available throughout the year, about voting and elections and about student referendums by clicking the buttons on the right.

If you have any questions about Union democracy or want to get involved email me on


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